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Professional Development in Music Education

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 01 February 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9hJG

Orff-Schulwerk is a child-centred approach to music education, which draws upon the imaginative and cultural world of the child.

From April 16–21 Orff New Zealand Aotearoa (ONZA) will offer a six-day, certificated workshop in Hamilton offering a hands-on, experiential and gentle introduction to Orff practices and principles.

Presenters: Christoph Maubach, Millie Locke and Renée Morin.

Inquiries: Dr Millie Locke;

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

16 April 2018 – 21 April 2018

Further information

Contact: Millie Locke

 (021) 643 846