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Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 29 January 2018
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Frustrated with one-off workshops that leave you with no ongoing support?  No chance to trial ideas and get expert feedback? Overwhelmed with courses that offer lots of theory but don’t translate that into what you do in the classroom?

How about a course that offers you individual support and guidance every step of the way from tutors who not only know the theory but are hugely experienced practitioners with real classroom understanding? Tutors who can help you link course material to your teaching situation and your needs?

Yes, there is a course like that. What’s more, you can access it online wherever you are and whenever it’s convenient for you, and it comes with a rich bundle of resource materials for your ongoing use. It has a holistic, student-centred philosophy, and it’s open to teachers at every level of schooling.

Now entering its 13th year, this is a course which has proven its exceptional quality again and again. Not only is it accredited in New Zealand, it recently won a U.S. Professional Development award, never before given outside the U.S. It’s attracted teachers from a host of other countries. But most importantly, it’s homegrown right here in New Zealand and it meets New Zealand needs. On our website you can read exactly what scores of New Zealand teachers told the Ministry of Education about their experience as course participants.

But stop! This is about gifted education and that wasn’t what you were looking for? Maybe not – but did you know that developments in this field link directly to more exciting teaching for all students? If you’ve never thought about this as an area relevant for you, take a few moments to read those comments from participating teachers – you might be considerably surprised!

PS:  Also check out our whole-school PLD package!

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New Zealand (nationwide)

16 March 2018 – 26 October 2018

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Contact: Dr Rosemary Cathcart

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