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Enquiry Based Learning

Professional development (PD) Waikato

Posted: 19 January 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9hAd

Children naturally explore, investigate and learn about their environments, they ‘tap into the world around them’ through enquiry based learning. Enquiry based approaches promote choices and decision making with children being the constructors of their own knowledge as they follow their interests.

Children love to ask questions. Enquiry based teaching techniques draw on deeper learning experiences where children are actively involved in making connections and developing significantly deeper understandings.

When children are able to pose real questions in relation to their interests, and investigate the answers, they gain a sense of empowerment and independence; they become more confident and start to direct, lead their own learning.

Using children’s interests as a basemark, participants will consider a range of concepts that encourage deeper learning opportunities with ongoing investigation and involvement.

Teachers will gain understanding on how progressive curriculum planning can be implemented - reflecting on children’s previous work, future opportunities, providing occasions for children to discuss, rethink, and change plans, consistent with children applying wider complexities to their learning.

Facilitator: Paula Ormsby

Venue: Ventura Inn Hamilton, 23 Clarence Street, Hamilton

Time: 10am–4pm

Cost: $280 (GST inclusive)

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26 March 2018 – 26 March 2018

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Contact: Alison Miller

 (027) 544 2924