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Leading Together: Strengthening Relational Trust in Schools

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Posted: 30 November 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9geZ

Leading Together  is an evidence-based program that supports whole school change by strengthening shared leadership, personal development, positive relationships and relational trust in the adult community.

Research indicates that the degree of relational trust among adults in a school is a key variable in the success of school improvement initiatives and their ability to raise student achievement.  
Leading Together is designed to help school leadership teams build their capacity to facilitate positive, trusting relationships among the adults in their community, to enable them to work together more collaboratively to improve student outcomes. 
It is not a curriculum-driven program, but more of a mentored training that aims to develop leadership dispositions and skills among the members of a school leadership team, to enable them to implement a trust-building and culture-shifting program within their school.
Leading Together focuses on shifting school culture by:

  • cultivating self-awareness and internal accountability
  • improving communication
  • building connection and community
  • fostering collaboration
  • strengthening listening and reflecting
  • sharpening focus and attention
  • addressing conflict constructively

The program can also be successfully implemented within the context of another school improvement agenda, (e.g. a new academic or social/emotional education program), as building trust is vital to the success of any school change initiative that requires the support and buy-in of all teachers.

Leading Together has been found to have all the critical features needed to become an effective model for school change.

A 2-year implementation program is recommended, with a flexible structure depending on school requirements. Implementation will also reflect a school's culture and context. In this way, it does not seek to impose change from without, but rather inspires sustainable change from within the school community.

If you'd like to learn more about the program or to discuss the possibilities Learning Together may hold for your school, please contact me.