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North Shore Leadership Summit 2018

Conference / AGM Auckland

Posted: 14 November 2017
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NSPA Leadership Summit

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice

As an instructional leader, your primary responsibility is to ensure high-quality learning experiences in every classroom, for every student, every single day. You also likely know that reflective teachers are effective teachers. So how can you help teachers become self-reflective practitioners whose thoughtful approach translates into real gains in student achievement? How can you transform your schools into cultures of commitment instead of cultures of compliance? Join award-winning former school principal and best-selling author Pete Hall as he leads you through an investigation of the building blocks of such a culture. Based on the content of his recent book ”Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice” (co-authored with Alisa Simeral, ASCD 2017), this engaging, interactive session includes video clips, practical strategies, opportunities for deep collaboration, and a site assessment to help you design a plan to move forward immediately.

Come with a team and leave energized and inspired to ensure that teachers – and their students – reach their fullest potential.

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21 May 2018 – 21 May 2018