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End of Year Screen Closes 27 November

Other New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 14 November 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9gDb

The Novopay End of Year (EoY) screen is closing shortly. Authorised Users of Novopay have until 5pm on Monday, 27 November to complete End of Year payroll processing for their schools. Completing the EoY process ensures that employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year in pay periods 19 and 20.

If your school’s principal is going to be away at a school camp or conference around the time that your school will be completing EoY activities, it is vital that they either complete EoY before they leave, or that there is a resource available at the school with the appropriate Novopay access to complete EoY.

There are a number of tools to support you to complete End of Year - these can be found on the front page of the Novopay website or you can contact your Payroll Adviser by calling 0508 NOVOPAY (668 6729).

Once you have completed your End of Year processing, please remember to press the "EoY Complete" button and wait for a message to appear in red - “EOY has been completed". If you believe you do not have any changes to make in the End of Year screen, you will still need to press the "EoY complete" button to notify us that there are no changes for your school.

The End of Year process is only complete when you see the ‘EoY has been completed’ message at the top of the screen.

Further information

Contact: Novopay

 (0508) 668 6729