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LITHE™ - Leaders Influencing Teachers' High Expectations

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 03 November 2017
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Leaders Influencing Teachers’ High Expectations (LITHE™) seminar series is based on the ground-breaking research of Professor Christine Rubie-Davies and is designed to support school leaders and teachers as they investigate the implications of this research on student achievement.

The four half-day seminar series explores high expectation teaching theory and its potential to accelerate student outcomes. It provides powerful insights, compelling evidence and practical strategies for rethinking the nature of differentiation, class climate and student goal setting. This programme challenges many of the existing practices currently used in New Zealand schools.

LITHE™ is designed for school leaders and provides practical support for those wishing to revisit their school’s approach to teaching and learning on the basis of researched evidence. 

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17 May 2018 – 17 September 2018

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Contact: Donna Kerkmeester

 (021) 846 994