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Getting Personal With Inquiry Learning with Kath Murdoch, Auckland

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 03 November 2017
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This workshop is for teachers who want to take Inquiry further and who believe in the power of personal passions. If you have attended "The Power of Inquiry" workshop hosted by Kath Murdoch in the past, then this workshop is a perfect fit to extend your inquiry knowledge.

This workshop is all about supporting students in rigorous personal inquiry This  workshop explores the following questions, being provided with practical tasks and lots of recent examples from classrooms:

    • Why is personal inquiry important? 
    • How can we organise for personal inquiry opportunities and maintain some shared inquiry experiences alongside these.
    • What is the teacher’s role in this  - how can we apply quality conferring skills to scaffolding student thinking in connection with their personal investigations.
    • How can we help students identify their interests? How can we inspire wonderment, curiosity and a drive to find out?
    • How can we help students design powerful questions for their investigations?
    • How might opportunities for personal inquiry be structured differently for different age groups?
    • How can we make sure personal inquiry time is not simply “doing projects” or ‘free play’
    • How can the key competencies be enhanced through personal inquiry?
    • How can we make this manageable? What systems and routines make it work?
    • How can we involve students in co-constructing criteria for routines, content and assessment?
    • How can we make links across the curriculum through personal inquiry?
    • How can we involve the wider community and communicate the importance of this practice to parents?
    • What resources are available to support this way of working?

This workshop suits teachers with some understanding of inquiry and are using this approach in some form within school.  Recommend thatyou come with at least one other colleague so you can collaborate on an action plan uponyour return to school.

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12 July 2018 – 12 July 2018