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The Power of Inquiry, with Kath Murdoch, Hastings

Professional development (PD) Hawke's Bay

Posted: 03 November 2017
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The Power of Inquiry – How to Teach and Learn with curiosity, creativity and purpose. Kath Murdoch author of The Power of Inquiry visits Hawke's Bay this year to deliver on her sold out workshops she presented this year (2017). 

This workshop is all about teaching FOR inquiry learning.  
Teachers can plan wonderful learning experiences for students but, ultimately, it is how we guide students within  those experiences that makes the most difference to learning. Kath will use practical exercises together with recent and varied examples from the field to explore the art of inquiry teaching.  

By attending - you will gain strategies and a deeper understanding on the following aspects of embedding inquiry within your pedagogy : 

  • How can we build and sustain  a culture of curiosity in our learning environments?
  • How can we use our questioning techniques to help students think more deeply and creatively?
  • What kind of ‘teacher talk’ invites inquiry? What shuts in down?
    How can we help students make better connections between learning areas, between skills and concepts and between school, home and the community?
  • How can teachers use the physical environment in ways that better stimulate and support inquiry?
  • What does inquiry teaching and learning look like at ‘lesson’ level?
  • How can we help ourselves ‘let go’ unnecessary control while maintaining rigor and purposeful learning?
  • How can we ensure we teach with courage and curiosity and nurture our own inquiring-selves?

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Hawke's Bay

11 July 2018 – 11 July 2018