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Becoming A Growth Mindset Teacher, with James Anderson

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 22 October 2017
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Becoming a Growth Mindset Teacher

Renowned Psychologist Carol Dweck has recently called for a more nuanced understanding of Mindsets, to combat the common misinterpretations and misapplications of her work that pervade social media. James Anderson will show you how to translate those ideas into practical and powerful classroom strategies, by drawing on his experience working within schools throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  

Within this insightful workshop certified Growth Mindset trainer James Anderson will take you deep inside Dweck's work, by addressing many of the common misunderstandings, help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure you are equipped to move forward confidently and successfully within your classroom and develop increasingly growth-orientated mindsets in your students.

Drawing on research in to the acquisition of excellence (Ericsson et. al.) James will explore the underlying misunderstandings (The Greatness Gap) that lead to the fixed mindset. You will discover the 5 Truths about Talent that in turn guide the development of our pedagogy as a Growth Mindset Teacher. James will also take you beyond the Fixed / Growth dichotomy, to explore ways to identify and combat False Mindset in your school.

This Workshopdevelops a deep understanding of the worldview that leads to different Mindsets.  Discover how a misunderstanding of the process that leads to the acquisition of talents and abilities, ultimately, pushes individuals towards a more fixed orientated mindset, and how to address this in your classroom

  • What you will learn from this workshop
    Develop a deep understanding of what it means to think like a growth mindset teacher

    Provide you with practical and powerful strategies to shift your students along the Mindset Continuum
    Show you how Mindset combines with Habits of Mind and Practice to create Agile Learners
    Explore why “Praise the Effort” has been misunderstood, and help you direct students toward “Effective Effort” 

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New Zealand (nationwide)

12 June 2018 – 12 June 2018