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Empowering Learners – The Ripple Effect, with Various Facilitators

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 22 October 2017
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Empowering Learners – The Ripple Effect

We cannot know our limits if we don’t go beyond them! In the 2017 America’s Cup, ‘Team New Zealand’ won because they didn’t change one thing … they changed everything! To succeed, it’s no longer enough to make one or two changes, we must be willing to challenge, change, test, and improve everything.

The shift in practice to enable learners to become self-managers of their learning should align with the essential skills required for 21st century social, community, and workplaces environments. These skill sets are significantly different from what they were in the 20th century. 

In a world of dramatic, unrelenting change how do we create the ripple effect that will empower our students to be independent learners for life?

Getting It Right In a Connected World: A Brief History of the Future of Education

There’s no point in talking about changing specific instructional strategies without first addressing the elephant in the room - that being the invisible force of mindset that unconsciously shapes daily practice. If we don’t first tackle this issue, all that will happen is that educators will continue to take new ideas and attempt to graft them on to traditional approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. This presentation demonstrates how to plan effectively by living life like a scrum-half, starting with the end in mind, and thinking in future tense. It identifies a range of practical, proven strategies and resources that blend the best of what we currently do in classrooms with new approaches that address the changing realities of the modern world and modern students.

      WORKSHOP options:-

  1. Nicky Mohan: Teaching In the Digital Age: Just-In-Time Teaching and Learning Model
  2. Mark Treadwell: Building a Learning Language 
  3. Ian Jukes: Strategies That Work in the Age of Fake News, Misinformation, and Mythinformation  

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01 June 2018 – 01 June 2018