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Fraction Frenzy; How to Develop Students Early Fraction Understanding, with Lucie Cheeseman

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 06 October 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9fLZ

Fraction frenzy; how to develop students early fraction understanding through the use of rich mathematical tasks and problem solving, with Lucie Cheeseman

This course will explore how to teach fractions in a fun, meaningful and engaging way.

  • We will unpack and consider the numerous Fraction misconceptions that students have and how to overcome these.
  • We will explore a range of materials and practical activities that illustrate how to teach fractions in a real life problem solving context s and rich mathematical tasks so that students understand the purpose and importance of fractions.
  • We will investigate the progression of teaching fractions and what each Stage / Curriculum Level  looks like for both Knowledge and Strategy.

Learning outcomes 

At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

1. Confidently know how to identify students fractions misconceptions

2. Know how to overcome fraction misconceptions; which materials and activities to use.

3. Understand the differentiation and progression of Fractions within the Number Framework

Develop their own subject content knowledge and therefore confidence to teach this strand of maths with motivation and purpose.

Events summary


21 November 2017 – 21 November 2017