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New Zealand Phonics Manual Out Now!

Classroom resources New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 15 September 2017
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At last! A phonics manual that is specifically created for NZ teachers and the New Zealand Curriculum. This manual has taken years to create because: it is dyslexia friendly; it follows best practice in teaching phonics; it aligns with the literacy learning progressions and it is incredibly clear to follow. 

Best practice phonics must be sequential. Best practice phonics must be taught in short, multi-sensory bursts. Pick and mix phonics, based on programmes from overseas cannot work in the whole language infused NZ Curriculum. This manual is every NZ teacher's guide. It makes teaching phonics easy. 

Why teach phonics? Because it is the only way to ensure you are teaching your children HOW to spell, and HOW to decode words. Without phonics children are not learning HOW to crack the code of the English Language. 

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