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Black Box Thinking in Education - Achieving a Growth Mindset

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 15 September 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9eb0

Villa Education Trust is working with 'Matthew Syed Speaking' to present Matthew’s 'Mindset for Education', with accredited international consultant Rob Carpenter (UK) and 21C Skills Lab founders Justine Munro and Faye Langdon discussing 'Tomorrows skills for today's students. Matthew Syed is the bestselling international author of 'Bounce' and 'Black Box Thinking' and is one of the world's most influential thinkers in the field of high performance and cultural change. Matthew has worked with some of the world's largest organisations to help build a mindset of continuous improvement. 'Mindset for Education' was created by Matthew and is delivered by Rob, who has over 20 years leadership experience in education. Rob has supported schools in challenging circumstances, including those in special measures. Rob has developed a range of tools to strengthen the leadership of teaching and learning. This interactive session will cover what Growth Mindset is, why it is important and the evidence that supports it. It will give you the tools to build resilience in students and staff to enable them to face challenge in a complex world. 

Joining Rob is 21C Skills Lab founders Justine Munro and Faye Langdon to talk about the key skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and give an insight into how they aim to ensure every young New Zealander has the knowledge and skills to succeed in tomorrow's world of work and to navigate a lifelong journey of learning and earning.  21C Skills Lab works in partnership with business, government, schools and parents to ensure that the skills we are teaching young NZs are the skills the 21st century needs.  21C Skills Lab helps students and teachers to understand what these skills are, how to develop them and how to use them to set themselves up for a successful 21C career.

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