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Two Day Attention Autism Programme

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Hawke's Bay

Posted: 01 September 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9eT1

This 2-day course equips attendees with the skills to set up and run the 4 Stage Attention Autism programme:

Stage 1: Focusing attention
Stage 2: Sustaining attention
Stage 3: Shifting attention
Stage 4: Focusing, sustaining, and shifting attention including a transition to independently working.

The training is hands on and focuses on the practical aspects of intervention, working in a team and offering an irresistible invitation to learn. The Attention Autism programme targets the teaching of attention, communication and social interaction skills.

Target audience

Practitioners working with students who have special educational needs: Teachers, Early Childhood Teachers, SENCOs, teacher aides, therapists, parents, RTLBs and specialist teachers.

Cost: $420

Events summary

Hawke's Bay

22 January 2018 – 23 January 2018


08 February 2018 – 09 February 2018

Further information

Contact: Julie King

 (021) 101 0209