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Creokit - STEM Learning at its Best

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Posted: 31 August 2017
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Introducing STEM learning and projects into your classroom or library makerspace allows children to lead their learning and develop critical skills in problem solving and design thinking. STEM provides children with the essential skills needed for their future.
Creokit offers two different options.  
If you have the basic materials but want ideas on what to do with them, our lesson plans offer clear projects that can be expanded on to offer several activities.  
If you need materials and a lesson plan, our kits provide you with everything you need at the same cost as you running around sourcing the materials.  In essence it is a STEM makerspace program in a box.  
All the lesson plans are linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and provide the initial lesson, add on activities and links to further resources. Our aim is for STEM to be more accessible and easier to run, making it fun for the students and the staff.
Our programs introduce skills and then guide the children's imagination to take it further and explore the possibilities. We believe the beauty of a STEM makerspace is the child led process that occurs, that they are responsible for expanding on their ideas and unlocking the possibilities that the knowledge has given them.
Intoduce STEM to your students today by visiting our website.

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