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Living & Learning Digital Literacy, with Dr Jason Ohler, Auckland

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 31 August 2017
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This workshop encompasses both a big picture digital literacy overview, as well as guiding you with practical considerations to encompass within your life as an educator and to enable students to navigate the changing nature of communication within emerging media.

Dr Jason Ohler an expert and author in Digital Literacy visits New Zealand from USA for one day only to deliver a workshop aimed at three minds-on, hands-on presentations that will help you and your students navigate their online futures not only safely and responsibly, but also creatively and productively. You will leave with lots to think about and try with your students and those in your educational communities. For teachers, administrators, policy makers, community members.

This is a perfect workshop to prepare for the Governments proposed shift within a "Digitally Orientated System"  and get ahead of the two year transition period by learing to become fluent, skilled users of digital innovations and interventions.

The three part workshop expands on the following topics: 

(1) Navigating ethics during times of extreme change, fearlessly and hopefully - Get up to speed on the challenges and opportunities of digital citizenship.

(2) You're In Charge
Practicing practical digital citizenship...helping students make ethical, savvy decisions about digital lifestyles.

(3) Trends that Bend - Technology Trajectories That Are Changing Everything Educational. The future is just getting started and will be here before we know it. Be prepared.

This workshop will leverage Dr Jason Ohlers'published books Digital Community Digital Citizen and 4Four Big Ideas for the Future


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New Zealand (nationwide)

14 September 2017 – 14 September 2017