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Designing The Learning Power Classroom, with Guy Claxton, Wellington

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 31 August 2017
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Well-known Author and Kings College, London educator - Professor Guy Claxton visits Christchurch for one day only.  This is a perfect opportunity to engage with the BLP (Building Learning Power) guru and learn how to unlock all students learning potential via making small tweaks in what you already consciously or unconsciously design your classrooms.

Building Learning Power learning environments: -

  • The learning environment is used constructively to promote positive learning behaviours and reinforce positive messages about the nature of learning.
  • Classroom cultures promote; speculative approaches, challenging learning, the growth of learning mindsets, collaborative activity and positive messages about learning.

Teaching with a Learning Power Approach: 

  • Teaching methodologies and learning opportunities intrigue and motivate learners, develop effective learning habits and enhance content acquisition.

How to use the Building Learning Power approach via a coaching approach to learning: 

  • Teachers use a coaching approach with pupils; they stay curious, their questioning helps to unearth and progress pupils’ learning behaviours, they join in a quest of discovery, they offer commentary and re-frame learning experiences and they secure a commitment to learning.
  • Pupils too are trained to act as coaches to each other and thereby encourage others to go beyond what they thought they were capable of.

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17 October 2017 – 17 October 2017