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Measuring Progress in Science. Levels 1–5, by Mike Stone, Auckland

Professional development (PD) Northland, Auckland, Waikato

Posted: 07 August 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9drw

To measure student progress in science across a school and especially across a Community of Learning is challenging. The NZ Curriculum (NZC) assigns different science concepts to each curriculum level so science content alone is not a useful tool for assessment. 

A more effective approach is to measure progress in science understanding, using the Nature of Science (NoS) 'the overarching, unifying strand' (p.28 NZC). Nature of Science is required learning for all students up to Y10, with other strands providing context. As NoS is the primary goal of this curriculum it is an appropriate tool to measure progress in science.

This course will enable participants to understand how teachers can use NoS to monitor student progress in science. A progression for teaching NoS concepts as well as some potential assessment rubrics will be explored to support differentiated instruction, allocation of resources and determine placement in courses. Assessment information in a teaching as inquiry process to evaluate programme effectiveness and improve teacher practice will also be discussed.

Supporting Facilitators:

Vijay Bhagwandhin, Faye Booker

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22 August 2017 – 22 August 2017


22 August 2017 – 22 August 2017


22 August 2017 – 22 August 2017