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The Writers' Workshop, with Gail Loane, Hastings

Professional development (PD) Hawke's Bay

Posted: 04 August 2017
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Well know author Gail Loane presents a non-contact time, full day workshop focused on 'The Writers' Club'.  

The day will explore key ideas around how to attain engagement from all writers', including boys.

Other key components you will spend time on throughout the day include: 

  • Beliefs which drive our writing programme and the environment we set up.
  • The teacher as an active member of the writers’ club.
  • Teacher and student as learning partners.
  • The ‘talk’ of partnership.
  • Using a notebook as a seedbed for writing.
  • How young learner-writers can use other authors as their teachers.
  • ‘The Helping Circle as a demonstration of community – a place for sharing writing and for responding to the writing of others.
  • The (draft) writing book as a record of progress.
  • Lesson design.
  • Leading the learning – moment by moment teaching decisions.
  • The integration of writing across the curriculum.
  • Developing independence in our community of writers.

Venue: Firmley School, Hastings. 

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Hawke's Bay

02 September 2017 – 02 September 2017