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Mid-term Dates for Schools Implementing Cohort Entry

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Posted: 02 August 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9dmB

Mid-term Dates Explanatory Notes for Schools

Recent changes to the Education Act 1989 allow schools to adopt and enforce a cohort entry policy following consultation with their community.

For schools which introduce cohort entry, new entrants can start school as part of a cohort at the beginning of the term closest to their fifth birthday rather than on their fifth birthday or soon afterwards.

Depending on when in the term their fifth birthday falls, children will be able to start school up to two months before they turn five, while other children will have to wait up to two months after their fifth birthday before they can start school.

The precise cut off dates (the mid-term dates) have been prescribed by the Minister of Education for 2018, 2019 and 2020 to determine when new entrants can start school under a cohort entry policy.

The mid-term dates are calculated as the mid-point between the first days of two consecutive terms (using the latest possible start date for term 1).

Even if your school uses an earlier start date for the beginning of term 1, or finishes before the latest possible end date for term 4, these mid-term dates still apply for the purposes of a cohort entry policy. 

For further details refer to Mid-term Dates for Schools Implementing Cohort Entry on the Ministry of Education website or in the Education Gazette publication Volume 96, issue 14, 14 August 2017. 


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