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Immersion Opportunity for Teachers Including Second Language Teaching in Their Classrooms

Classroom resources New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 27 July 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9djX

"The opportunity to participate in cultural experiences that I will be able to relate back to my class to give my lessons authentic contexts was just one of the many benefits I experienced while on this Award.  My advice to anyone is to do it regardless of if you're a specialist language teacher or teach languages as part of your primary class. If you are passionate about your students learning a second language and want to improve your language teaching capabilities, apply now." Howard Young, South Wellington Intermediate.

Fully funded by the Ministry of Education immersion opportunities for 1 or 3 months, a semester or year.  Applications open to all teachers currently teaching a second language within the New Zealand Curriculum; French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Cook Island Māori, Samoan, Korean, Gagana Tokelau, Tongan and Vagahau Niue.

Work with schools in your target language, collect resources, take part in your own study, immerse in the culture, be a local not a tourist.

Email Prue Elwood to get an application form sent to you. Application for Awards available for 2017 close on 4 August 2017. Email for a copy of the application and go to our face book page Language Immersion Award for information, stories and updates.

"I’m approximately 9,380km away from home, away from my classroom, and comfort zone. The past four months in Paraná, Argentina have been an exciting journey. It has now become an ordinary routine to greet my friends and family with a kiss (beso) on their right cheek and enjoy drinking mate (a typical Argentinean tea) at the park. I buy groceries at the local shops where the amiable shop assistants always call me endearingly with ‘mi cariña’, ‘negri’, or ‘mi nena’ which translate to ‘my sweetheart.' Soo Lee, Westlake Girls High School.


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