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Leadership Workshop: Building Emotional Capital, with Mary-Anne Murphy

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty

Posted: 14 July 2017
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Building my Emotional Capital (Middle-Leadership workshop)

Leadership is dynamic space to be in. It requires resiliency a growth mindset and mindfulness.  In this new millennium leaders can no longer just rely on their management skills to affect change. Gone are the days of “control and command” as the leading mechanisms to achieve change. 

The shifting dynamics of human beings over the centuries have created a different way of being, that requires a different style of leadership.
Within his book “Emotional Capitalists: The ultimate guide to developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders”, Martyn Newman states “A new and more critical asset to bottom line performance has emerged - emotional capital”.

Using dynamic emotional capital tools for leadership, within this workshop you will explore your individual strengths, areas for development and practical strategies you can use for self-development.

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08 September 2017 – 08 September 2017


08 September 2017 – 08 September 2017

Bay of Plenty

08 September 2017 – 08 September 2017