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Building on Data to Enhance Culturally Responsive Leadership

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 11 July 2017
Notice reference #: 1H9dZk

Achieving equity and excellence for diverse students, across multiple contexts, for learning is one of the most enduring challenges for educators in Aotearoa New Zealand. As a nation, our priorities in education are to reduce achievement disparities within and across schools. Reducing disparity can be achieved by improving educational provision to support quality pathways and equitable outcomes for all students. Equity is achievable through leadership that is transformative, culturally responsive, relational and evidence based. This hui draws on the new ERO indicators, linked to Tātaiako and the theoretical underpinnings of culturally responsive and relational pedagogy to develop a coherent approach to leading change.
The content and structure of the hui will emphasize school conditions that promote equity and excellence, while considering the relationships required to enact the Treaty of Waitangi, as we work to implement a research-based theory of improvement. This interactive course is designed for school leaders wanting to adopt data driven changes in their school to ensure that students experience contexts for learning that support positive student outcomes and reduce disparities.

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19 July 2017 – 19 July 2017