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4 Days of Film and Media Workshops

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 08 July 2017
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St Cuthbert's College is offering 4 days of Film and Media workshops to all those involved in the Film and Media studies field.

Expand your knowledge and skills to benefit not only yourself, but all those you teach.

Workshop One: Tuesday, 11 July.
Script-to-Screen Filmmaking with Ian Thomas and Naomi Saxton.

Workshop Two: Wednesday, 12 July.
Teaching Level 3 Documentary Production with Deb Thompson.

Workshop Three: Thursday, 13 July.
Aiming for Excellence in Media Studies External Exams with Naomi Saxton and Ian Thomas.

Workshop Four: Friday, 14 July.
The Screenwriting Toolbox for Teachers™ with Kathryn Burnett.

Time: 8.45am–3pm
Venue: St Cuthbert's College, 122 Market Road, Epsom, Auckland
Cost: $295–$840
Facilitators: Naomi Saxton, Ian Thomas, Deb Thompson & Kathryn Burnett

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11 July 2017 – 11 July 2017


12 July 2017 – 12 July 2017


13 July 2017 – 13 July 2017


14 July 2017 – 14 July 2017