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People and Water online field trip

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Posted: 13 April 2017
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Water is essential to life and is sacred to Māori. Water has often been used in centuries-old religious ceremonies such as baptisms and christenings. Survey results commonly show people in New Zealand attach strong values to water but with a growing population and increasing use of water, how can we manage our water? Every time you make a drink, take a shower, wash the dishes, or go to the loo there is a story about where this water came from in the first place and another story about what happens to the wastewater. On this field trip you will trace the journeys of fresh water, in particular drinking water (potable water), stormwater, and wastewater and relate these stories to the story of water use in your region and ultimately to your own water use. To prepare for this field trip, LEARNZ content will support inquiry into: the Water Cycle, the value of water, catchments, fresh water - drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, treating water, managing water, storing water for cities, industries, farms and personal use, aquifers and drilling for water, conserving water. During this field trip you will: follow Shelley's tweets on twitter, find out how much water Wellington uses, follow stormwater, follow wastewater, follow drinking water, visit the Hutt River, one of the sources of Wellington's water, visit Kaitoke, a water storage lake, visit a treatment station, visit a school and follow its water use, go to a car wash and see how wastewater is managed, visit a school to find out how they use local water amenities

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New Zealand (nationwide)

23 May 2017 – 25 May 2017

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Contact: Barrie Matthews