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Appointment of School Auditors for 2015 to 2017

Official notices

Posted: 29 June 2015
Notice reference #: 1H9coL

Information for boards of state and state-integrated schools We wrote to all schools and their Boards of Trustees on 31 May about the process of appointment of school auditors for 2015 to 2017. Boards of Trustees should read that letter promptly to make themselves aware of, and engage as necessary, in the various stages of the process. If you didn’t receive our 31 May letter, please tell us. If your school has exceptional circumstances not covered by that letter, please tell us. Please note that the 2014 audits are not affected – this process is for the 2015–2017 audits. The Auditor-General intends, in most cases, to reappoint the existing auditors of schools to conduct audits on her behalf for 2015–2017, subject to agreement between auditors and Boards of Trustees on audit fees. In any situation where the incumbent auditor will not be continuing as the appointed auditor for the school, the Auditor-General will make alternative audit arrangements in conjunction with the affected school. As soon as possible, but by the end of June at the latest: If your current auditor advises you that they don’t want to continue as the auditor of your school, please tell us. If they advise us that they don’t want to continue, we’ll consider alternative arrangements and consult with you about that. If you want a change of auditor, you have to write to us and tell us why. If the Auditor-General proposes to change your appointed auditor, we’ll get in touch with you. July: We’ll instruct auditors to assess how much work (time and cost) it will take to audit your school’s financial statements. We’ll review that information for consistency and reasonableness, and then ask them to give you a fee proposal early in the third school term (i.e. late July). We’ll also write to you at that time about what we need to you to do with that....

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