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Posted: 29 June 2015
Notice reference #: 1H9coK

This is a friendly reminder that the International Relocation Grant, Finders’ Fee, National Relocation Grant, and National Recruitment Allowance, are no longer available. They were introduced in 1999/2000 to help address the shortage of New Zealand teachers. As teacher vacancies have reduced significantly in recent years, these schemes have closed. The closure of these grants was signalled in Budget 2013 announcements and we provided this information to schools in Education Gazette and School Bulletin. We’ve taken a pragmatic approach and phased them out over time. They were formally disestablished on 30 April 2015. Teachers/principals who qualified for the National Relocation Grant may still be eligible for the transfer and removals payments. This scheme works a little differently and receipts for relocation and transfer expenses must be produced in order to make a claim. To find out more, contact us via; visit, or go directly to information for: Teachers Primary teachers: Secondary teachers: Area school teachers: Principals Primary principals: Secondary principals: Area school principals: Keyword: dance

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