Te Mataaho-ā-Iwi iwi profiles dashboard a ‘game changer’

Issue: Volume 98, Number 16

Posted: 12 September 2019
Reference #: 1H9yZA

Data on Māori and iwi learners will soon be more readily available, thanks to a new tool developed in partnership with iwi education leaders around the country.

Te Mataaho-ā-Iwi, the iwi profiles dashboard, means users will be able to access updated data about learners in their area who affiliate to their iwi as soon as it becomes available.

The dashboard provides data on where learners go to school around the country, how they are split by year level, their participation in ECE before going to school, highest achievements while at school, and where they go after school (university, polytechnics, not in education), etc.

Users can drill down specifically to learners within a specific iwi and rohe combination or view New Zealand Māori learners as a whole.

The dashboard is meant to be used primarily by parents, iwi and schools who want to gain insight into their iwi and/or Māori learners’ education. They may also wish to compare with other iwi /rohe combinations for their own learnings.

Help with education choices

Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says the dashboard will enable iwi leaders to make informed decisions about the education choices for Māori learners.

“As it stands, this kind of information is released once a year and while I’m sure it’s helpful, it’s not available when iwi leaders really need it. This [dashboard] is a game-changer,” he said.

Te Mataaho-ā-Iwi will provide a more timely view of learners’ educational pathways and achievements as well as relevant data.

Following the annual release of the iwi profiles earlier this year, the Ministry started talking with more than 30 iwi around the country about the validity of the yearly data drops.

Te Mataaho-ā-Iwi is a result of those discussions and has been co-designed with iwi who took part in the project.

This release is the first iteration of the dashboard, with future iterations expected to be rolled out periodically. 

What the dashboard includes

The annual iwi profiles data includes:

  • prior participation in ECE 
  • number of school students
  • 18-year-olds with NCEA Level 2 or above
  • school leavers by highest qualification
  • school leavers with NCEA Level 2
  • Māori school leaver tertiary destination.

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero, reporter@edgazette.govt.nz

Posted: 11:22 am, 12 September 2019

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