Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) 2014 OTJ workshop series: Supporting teacher judgments

Issue: Volume 93, Number 2

Posted: 10 February 2014
Reference #: 1H9ctu

A series of 128 workshops and comprehensive online resources to support English-medium teachers in making valid and reliable Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJs) will be available through the Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) in 2014.

New Zealand’s assessment for learning approach sees teachers making OTJs informed by a variety of assessment evidence, and so it is important for students that these judgments are consistent; both between teachers and between schools.

The OTJ/moderation workshops will be held across all regions through 2014, and will cover a number of topics relevant to helping teachers make accurate and consistent judgments, including:

  • an introduction to the aspect frameworks that have been developed to support the learning progressions for literacy and mathematics in relation to The New Zealand Curriculum and National Standards
  • effective moderation practice
  • effective systems and processes to support making overall judgments.

Workshops to assist teachers in the Māori medium using Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori (NWRM) when making OTJs will continue to be available, concurrent to the new English-medium workshop series.

Online learning opportunities and resources

For those unable to attend the CPL workshops, there will be an opportunity to register on the CPL website
from 1 March 2014 for a one-hour webinar as well as comprehensive online support.

When and where?

The workshops/online support will be held in two series, allowing schools flexibility in attending either early or late in the school year:

  • Series One: delivered between 26 March and 30 May 2014
  • Series Two: delivered between 1 August and 18 September 2014.

Please see below for the dates and locations of the workshops in each region and please contact CPL or your local Ministry office for further information.

Northern region Series One Series Two
Auckland Central 1 (am and pm) 27 March 7 August
Kaitaia (pm) 1 April 12 August
Paihia (am) 2 April 13 August
North Shore (am and pm) 8 April 19 August
Auckland Central 2 (am and pm) 13 May 9 September
Papakura (am) 13 May 9 September
Auckland West (am and pm) 14 May 21 August
Auckland East (am and pm) 15 May 11 September
Whangarei (am and pm) 16 May 14 August
Auckland South (am and pm) 20 May 16 September
Warkworth (am) 22 May 18 September


Central North region Series One Series Two
Hamilton Central (am and pm) 27 March 7 August
Gisborne (am and pm) 1 April 12 August
Thames (pm) 1 April 12 August
Tauranga (am and pm) 8 April 19 August
Napier (am and pm) 8 April 19 August
Whakatane (am) 9 April 20 August
Taihape (am) 9 April 20 August
Rotorua (am and pm) 13 May 9 September
Taupo (am and pm) 14 May 10 September
Hamilton West (pm) 20 May 16 September


Central South region Series One Series Two
Wellington (am and pm) 27 March 7 August
Hutt Valley (am and pm) 1 April 12 August
Palmerston North (am and pm) 8 April 19 August
Wanganui (am and pm) 9 April 20 August
Kapiti (pm) 13 May 9 September
Porirua (am) 14 May 10 September
Masterton (pm) 15 May 11 September
New Plymouth (am and pm) 20 May 16 September


Southern region Series One Series Two
Christchurch Central (am and pm) 27 March 7 August
Dunedin (am and pm) 1 April 12 August
Rangiora (am) 1 April 12 August
Nelson (am and pm) 8 April 19 August
Blenheim (am) 9 April 20 August
Christchurch West (am and pm) 13 May 14 August
Invercargill (am) 13 May 9 September
Ashburton (pm) 14 May 10 September
Balclutha (am) 14 May 10 September
Timaru (am) 15 May 11 September
Cromwell (am) 15 May 11 September
Greymouth (pm) 20 May 16 September
Westport (am) 21 May 17 September

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 7:27 pm, 10 February 2014

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