Cricket Smart bowls into the classroom

Issue: Volume 94, Number 5

Posted: 23 March 2015
Reference #: 1H9cqf

Cricket is a game for all, inspiring players and supporters from different cultures, climates and communities. Its universal appeal also provides an engaging and motivating context to apply and inspire learning.

Whether providing a stimulus for physical activity, or discussion, writing or inquiry in subjects such as art or English, or generating data and application of knowledge in maths, cricket can help provide an excellent platform for learning.

New Zealand Cricket seeks to improve the reach and growth of cricket within schools around the country with Cricket Smart, a new range of free learning and teaching resources for primary and intermediate students in years 1 to 8. Developed by teachers and experts, this engaging learning context aligns with The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). Launched in term 4 of 2014, over 1300 schools have already registered for Cricket Smart, and are embracing and celebrating the International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup by bringing it into the school.

Schools who have been using Cricket Smart have commented that the lesson plans integrate well into the NZC, and the teacher notes are very supportive, making the use of the student resource easy.

New Zealand Cricket’s general manager for amateur cricket, Ed Shuttleworth, says Cricket Smart forms a vital component in New Zealand Cricket’s long-term community cricket strategy.

“Cricket Smart already has 60 per cent of primary schools registered. The programme offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between classroom learning and school yard activity,” says Mr Shuttleworth.

New Zealand’s Sport and Recreation Minister Jonathan Coleman recently took part in a Cricket Smart lesson at Northcote Primary School in Auckland during term 1. Dr Coleman says, “The Cricket Smart programme is a fun and interactive way to bring cricket into schools.”

New Zealand Cricket’s very own Brendon McCullum, captain of the Black Caps, is excited by school level resources, as he believes this is a great opportunity to help the game grow in this country for the future. McCullum said, “having over 1100 primary and intermediate schools registered is terrific progress, as it’s helping to ensure children are introduced to the game.”

Redoubt North Primary School’s sports specialist teacher Charlotte Maumea began using the resources late in 2014 to help prepare for term 1 this year.

“They’re great; the resources are well integrated and the accessibility of the Black Caps website is easy to follow. The student learning inquiry questions are excellent.”

Redoubt North Primary School’s interest has also been well received in the school yard with the supporting free cricket kit and free skills challenge cards helping to build the school’s cricket team numbers to 14 teams this term. Charlotte says, “The children’s interest has been remarkable with both boys and girls, and lunch time games have been taking place daily.”

New Zealand Cricket has worked to develop a resource that will leave a lasting legacy for education users well into the future. Producing this comprehensive package for teachers has helped to develop sustainability within all cricketing platforms. The lessons within the resource will move beyond the ICC Cricket World Cup and are ‘future proofed’ so that they can be used annually.

Deputy principal of Auckland’s Kelston Primary, Chris Herlihy said that they have used the event within their ‘Kiwiana’ learning theme, and that it was great to be able to choose among aspects of the resources as he needed them.

Register now by visiting the Black Caps website(external link)

Cricket Smart resource

Teachers can use the Cricket Smart resources in a variety of ways: by setting up student-led inquiry; by using the resources to plan an integrated unit of work; or by using the tasks directly from the resource. Not only has it been designed to celebrate the game of cricket and ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, its main focus is to bring this to life in a learning context for young students around the country.

What is Cricket Smart?

  • Cricket Smart is a series of flexible and free teacher resources that use cricket as a focal point for learning.
  • Cricket Smart includes five downloadable learning and teaching resources with supporting material.
  • Resources will be hosted on the Black Caps website(external link)
  • Cricket Smart aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas, key competencies and values.
  • Cricket Smart supports priority learners.



  • Cricket: past, present and future.
  • Heroes and legends.
  • It’s a global game!
  • What an event!
  • Hit it for six!

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 3:13 pm, 23 March 2015

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